1. Aim of regulations and statement: Data connected to handling data

The aim of present regulations and statement is to handle and use personal data completely in accordance with the existing legislation, and to provide customers adequate information on handling their data.

Data manager reserves the right to modify present regulations within the framework of the law. The data manager shall do everything in order to protect, and handle the data in a safe, uncorrupted way.

Data manager is liable for establishing, and enforcing present regulations by the persons who fall within the scope of it, controlling, and implementation of all necessary modifications.

Manager of the handed data is ShopSport Ltd (location: 39 Szépvölgyi rd. Budapest, 1037 company registration number: 01-09-899736) (Hereinafter: Data manager) Availability of Data manager: email:

  1. Legal basis and limits of Data management

Buy Purchasing a product on the website, the customer accepts the contractual terms of the website. Therefore the legal basis of data management is the explicit written contribution of the customer.

Customer can later ban data management. In this case the customer’s data has to be considered as not approved for management. In case of a ban the personal data shall be deleted at the time of the ban.

  1. Aim of data management

Data management can use the data for:

  1. The purposes given on the website (performing the order)
  2. For promotional purposes concerning the brand (sending newsletter)

Personal data can not be used in any ways other than these. Only the Data manager and its contractual partners are entitled to recognize personal data. Only those personal data can be managed which are necessary for achieving the aim of data management, and is suitable fog achieving the aim. Personal data can only be used in the extent and period, that is necessary for fulfilling the aim.

  1. Types of managed data, remarketing and data collection

In case of a purchase on the website data Manager handles personal data connected to purchasing (name, address, telephone number, email address) other data necessary for performing the order (size) and other data connected to visiting the website. Providing the customer chooses not to approve handling data connected to visiting the website, they can limit the usage of cookies by changing the personal settings of the computer.

ShopSport Ltd uses analytical instruments, which creates datasets and tracks how visitors use the websites in order to keep track of its websites. The system creates a cookie when the website is visited so that the information regarding the visit (visited websites, time spent on the website, browsing data, leaving the site etc) can be recorded. This information however is not to be associated with the person who visited the website.  This instrument helps to develope the ergonomy of the website, designing a user friendly site and improving user experience. The ShopSport does not use the analytical instruments for collecting personal data. Most browsers automatically accept using cookies, but the visitors have the possibility to delete them, or decline them automatically.  As all browsers are different, the visitor can set their cookie preferences in the toolbar of the browser. It is possible that you will not be able to use certain features on our websites if you decide not to accept cookies.

On the website we track the visit of certain specific sites with remarketing codes so that later on we can send targeted marketing messages to the visitors of these websites. The cookies ensuring remarketing codes can be banned by setting the browser appropriately.

  • Regulations regarding cookies

The 2002/58/EK directives of the European Parliament and Council  (hereinafter the EU directives on telecommunication and privacy) and the law 2011/CXII. on informational self-determination and  the freedom of information(hereinafter Information Security Law) requires each websites to ask for approval before placing cookies on the computers of users.

ShopSport Ltd hereby takes obligation that in case of data transport to a third country they ensure the safety of the data managed by them in accordance with the existing provisions of Information Security Law.

  • What kind of cookies does com use, and why?

Cookies are small textfiles that are in many cases equipped with an ID, and which are sent by the web server to the browser of the user, providing it is able to accept, or the user does not disable them. uses cookies to make its website more effective, and to be able to make adequate decisions on improving the website. It never uses data to get personal information, or approach one specific person.  It is not obligatory to enable accepting cookies, you can disable any time from your browser, but in this case you will have to give up on the designed user experience, and functionality of the website.

  • Detailed information on the topic of tracking cookies are to be found in the Data management regulations and Security statement in the paragraphs 1-7.
  • Google Analytics statistics cookies

By these we have the possibility to track how visitors use our website, for example what websites they visit. These cookies do not collect data convenient for identifying visitors, all data collection happens in anonym way, and its only purpose is to improve the performance of the website, and to learn what visitors are interested in.

The security statement of Google (which may change continuously) can give information on what Google is doing to the data collected by cookies.

  • Cookies used by outsiders

There are hyperlinks on the website that show to other sites,  and also plugins for playing embedded Youtube videos may use cookies. is not able (it is not possible) to check the cookies sent when visiting an exterior website, because they work with a different domain. In these cases the cookie policy of the concerned website applies.

The YouTube cookies are only installed when the visitor clicks on the Play button. The Security Statement of YouTube, which may change continuously, can provide information on what the operator does to the data collected by cookies.

  • Managing and deleting cookies

It is possible to delete cookies, or ban them to record data. In most browsers the command for managing and deleting cookies is in the Options menu, Privacy submenu. However, all browsers have a different structure, furthermore these applications constantly change. The exact process of setting can be found in the Help menu of your browser.

The aim of the information above is to comply with the regulations (EU Privacy directives)  that says that we need to draw attention on the use of cookies in order to make all visitors clear about the types of cookies and the reason of using them.

This can ensure the transparency of collecting data from visitors.

Further information can be found on the following websites:

Information on cookies:

Remember, that by using the website you automatically accept using cookies.

If you have any questions regarding managing cookies, please contact us via email on the address

  1. Duration of data management

Data management starts at the moment when the customer accepts the conditions of using the website (purchases a product). The data manager manages personal data from the moment of accepting until performing the order, or the data is deleted.

Personal data must be deleted providing:

  1. The person entitled requests to delete personal data;
  2. Management of data is illegal;

III. The purpose of data management no longer exists;

  1. The Court, or the Data Protection Commissioner orders so
  2. The law stipulates it
  3. The duration of approval has expired

The approval for data management can be withdrawn any time without reasoning

  1. The rights of the Customer concerning data management

The Customer affected can request the data manager to

  1. a) Be provided information on the management of their personal data
  2. b) To amend their personal data
  3. c) To delete, or block their personal data – except obligatory data management

Data manager deletes the personal data providing

  1. a) Data management is illegal;
  2. b) The person affected requests it;
  3. c) It is incomplete, or incorrect – and this situation cannot be resolved in a legal way – providing the deletion is not against the law;
  4. d) The purpose of managing data no longer exists, or the duration of restoring data set by the law has expired
  5. e) The Court, or the authorities ordered it.
  1. Modification, and refreshing of Data Management Regulation and Security Statement of

The Data Management Regulation and Security Statement of can be modified, or updated by the companies, including the cases when the modifications take place due to the laws and regulations which protect the Customer. Our visitors shall be informed about the modifications and updates on the website as soon as these modifications or updates come in force, and they are obligatory from the moment they are put out on the website. For this reason we ask you to check regularly the latest updates of  Data Management Regulations and Security Statements of

  1. Liability

According to the Law of Data Protection The data manager is obliged to compensate any damages caused by managing the Personal data of the Customer illegally, or violating the regulations of technical data protection. Data manager is free from liability providing they can prove that the damage has been caused by an unavertable reason, which is beyond the frameworks of data management. Furthermore the Data Manager is not obliged to give compensation providing the damage is caused by the intentional, or negligent actions of the affected person.

  1. Legal remedy

In case of a presumptive violation according to the law 2011./ CXII. on information self-determination, and the information freedom act the injured party can contact the Court concerned in the county or in the capital to validate their request.

Contact information:

Address: 22/c Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, Budapest, 1125

Mailing address: 1530 Budapest, Pf:5)

Telephone: +36 (1) 391-1400,

The lawsuit can be started at the Court concerned at the address of the affected person.

Data management registration number of Organizer set in this regulation: NAIH-114318/2017