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unique / limited edition premium cathegory handmade design bags and accessories of fine Italian leather from a Hungarian designer



Would you like to meet the designer of dzsudis design, Judit?

Would you like to see the collection of dzsudis design?

Come and visit the Showroom 2 minutes from Kolosy square, in the heart of district III.  Try on my products, touch them, walk with them, feel the fineness and the scent of Italian leather! Try, what fits in the different compartments.

Make sure that the dzsudis design bags are not only pretty and unique pieces, but they can serve you perfectly in your everyday life, on a wedding, theatre, business meeting, biking, or on occasions when you just go somewhere with your kid..

Find the bag that will be your perfect partner on the occasion. If you can’t find the bag you would like in the Showroom, we will discuss personally what kind of bag you are looking for, and I will make your dreambag for you!

Would you like to come with your child? He or she is also welcome! We created a kid’s corner so that your child can also feel like home.

We wait for you with coffee, tea, cookies and surprise promotions.

Bring your partner, too. Every moment can be perfect for him to express – maybe with a present – how important you are to him!

Unique, premium quality, trustable partner – dzsudis design.

Showroom opening hours:

Tuesday: 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Please, come by appointment!

If the appointment is not good for you, please, contact us on one of our availabilities- I am happy to help you any days. In the showroom there is no possibility for spot purchase.

Address: 1037 Budapest, Szépvölgyi út 39.
Telephone: +36 30 4389869


When I created Messenger collection, I was inspired by the demand for an elegant, unique, variable bag suitable for business meetings as well as everyday use.


Judith Bag is the biggest piece of Messenger collection, it can take your 15 inches laptop, your iPad, and all your important things. It has strong handles and an elegant shoulder strap that helps you to wear the bag as you wish, in your hand, or on your shoulder. Outside you can find a zippered pocket, and in the bag besides the one zippered pocket there are three others to ensure that you can always keep your things tidy! A great advantage of Judith Bag is that on the front there is a removable Katy Clutch purse. You can simply unstrap it, and you are ready to go!

You can choose from several different Katy Clutch purses. Buy more different Clutches, so that you can always make your bag suitable for your outfits.


Anna Bag is a medium size piece of the Messenger collection, which can take your 12 inches laptop, your iPad, and all your important things that you might need during a working day. Its elegant look shows confidence, so you can choose it as a partner for important meetings as well. Inside the bag there are several pockets to help you keep your things tidy.


A Charm in the colour of the bag is included.


Dora Bag is the smallest piece of Messenger collection. It is an excellent choice if you like elegant, and in the same time unique appearance in your everyday life, or in a party. It is really practical, you can wear it in your hand, or hang it on your shoulder. You can easily keep your things tidy with its inner pockets.

Choose from the several different colours!


After choosing personally the premium quality leathers in Italy that I dreamt for my collection, the creative work starts in dzsudis design studio.

In my studio I work with excellent leather craft tools, which are essential to do a precise and nice work. I am the happiest and I feel the most creative when I can sew, it makes me glad that I can create a durable value for others!

What inspires me for creating bags?
As a sport loving business woman and mother each of my products are answers for the many arising bag requests – it should be small, it should have big capacity, there should be separate compartments for my and my childs things, it should be wearable as a backpack… It would be good to have a removable smaller bag… I would like to spice it up with a bag Charm in a different colour… everything should fit in tidy in the pockets… meeting in the morning, theatre in the evening…

I love the carefully designed small details, I like when a bag is pretty, and practical in the same time. Look around in the webshop, and find your perfect bag-partner – for all occasions!


Elegant, practical, it can take everything I need, and thanks to the many pockets and compartments I can also find anything…:)!  I love its precisely designed details, the beautiful colours and that Judit works with excellent materials!

Erika, 39

“In every woman’s life the moment comes when it is quality that really matters. I have find the uniqueness and quality that represents me. All bags have Judit’s heart and passion for her job, that’s why I feel it is just mine, it is made only for me. It is not a question any more that from now on I will ask Judit to design my bags. This is perfect, precise work from the heart. “

Nóri, 34